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1 Meter$40/MonthMeter Accuracy
in optimal conditions
Sub-meter$120/Month30cm-75cm Accuracy
in optimal conditions
Decimeter$200/Month10cm Accuracy
in optimal conditions
Precision$350/Month1cm-2cm Accuracy
in optimal conditions

Catalyst subscriptions are charged per month per user. Subscriptions are auto-renewing until cancelled.
Individual quantities of antennas and subscriptions can be modified at the checkout.

Catalyst DA1 Antenna Kit$350 ea.Required to run Trimble Catalyst. Includes antenna, battery, battery holder and pouch.
 1 per user Custom

What's included with your Catalyst DA1 Antenna?

The Catalyst DA1 Antenna is shipped with the following components:

Trimble Catalyst DA1 Antenna
(with microUSB data cable)

Battery Pack
External rechargeable USB battery pack

Pole Mount
Battery pack pole mount

Carry Pouch
Trimble branded antenna carry pouch

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